Halley MacNaughton

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula (DTI)



Halley believes that getting the right support at the right time makes all the difference between a negative and a positive experience in the birthing room and beyond. Halley is dedicated to ensuring that her clients feel safe, knowledgeable, calm and empowered before, during and after birth.  By sharing the best local resources and most up-to-date, evidence-based information Halley helps families make informed choices throughout the childbirth and newborn periods.  In labor, her calm, focused guidance helps mothers and partners work toward the kind of birth they hope for.  Her gentle, patient support after a birth makes the transition with a new baby more seamless and enjoyable for families. 


Halley lives with her three children and professor husband in the little lakeside town of Cazenovia, NY.  Halley has a background in Art History but was drawn to doula work out of a love for birth, babies and a desire to help other women.  Halley's personal birth experiences have informed her empathetic, mother-centered approach to birth and postpartum support.  She has been the grateful recipient of some wonderful, compassionate mother care over the years and is so happy to now be providing this type of care to others.  Halley loves being a doula because it allows her to celebrate the awesomeness of birth and the women who give birth. And she just can't get enough of newborn babies!



Halley MacNaughton, son, doula, Syracuse