Hello Sunshine!

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For my first blog post here at Hello Sunshine, I would like to share this photo of my sweet sister, her husband and their firstborn, taken just moments after his homebirth.  I won’t say too much about the birth because it is Honora’s story to tell, and I hope she will share it with us one day. But I will say that I was blown away by her calm, unshakeable conviction that she could birth this baby exactly the way she wanted.  


With the expert guidance of her birth team: midwife Kelly, doula Britt, and of course, dad Alex, Honora brought her baby into the world in the most serene and loving of environments.  It was one of those births where the stars align just so, and things go beautifully.  Atmospheric oxytocin readings were at an all time high, and it was wonderful to be present with this little family in the days after.  Contemplating the beauty of this moment seems like a great way to inaugurate my blog and doula practice.


Thank you for sharing Honora!


(Photograph by San Francisco doula extraordinaire, Britt Fohrman.)