Prenatal Support

Some expecting couples are not sure that a birth doula is right for them.  They might feel awkward about sharing the birth of their baby with a relative stranger.  The birthing woman might feel most comfortable with her partner and want him or her to be the only person to provide continuous one-to-one support during this intimate experience.  At the same time, the expecting couple might feel unprepared for what awaits them in the birthing room and unsure about their ability to cope with labor.  


As a prenatal doula, Halley works with pregnant women and birth partners to prepare for the challenges of labor.  She ensures that they have the tools necessary to have the best birth experience they can.  Through custom tailored childbirth education, birth plan development and hands-on labor preparation, Halley helps couples feel informed about the birth process and confident about their ability to bring their baby into the world. Couples learn about what to expect at different points in labor as well as techniques to deliver comfort to birthing mothers.  This type of prenatal support allows couples to feel less anxious about the birth and more bonded throughout the entire experience.  


Prenatal support includes:

  • 2 prenatal meetings to discuss the birth process, develop a birth plan and practice comfort measures to use at the birth.
  • Attendance at a hospital tour, if desired.
  • Unlimited phone, text and email support starting at 38 weeks until you are in active labor and admitted into the care of your provider.
  • 1 follow-up postpartum visit to hear all about the birth, check on your healing, ensure that feeding is off to a good start, address any questions about newborn care, provide any referrals you might need, and - most important - to meet your baby! 

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Prenatal Support



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